The Wedding Was Pretty Interesting

Of course I was not really eager to go to the wedding, since I did not have a date. Jenny was out of town to visit her mother, although to be honest she has been very difficult to get along with for months now. At any rate it became quite interesting, the bride’s ex husband showed up with a drop dead gorgeous brunette about half of his age. In fact I found out that she was actually a brunette escort from Las Vegas. The guy that brought her was drinking heavily all through and he ended up getting his butt kicked by some of the bride’s relatives. The escort was drinking too and she started to flirt with me because she was bored and apparently she needed a ride back to her hotel. I did not really know what I was supposed to do, when I told her about Jenny she just laughed. I do not think she realized that I might say no to her. I looked her over again and realized that she was probably right.

At any rate they came and politely threw her out of the wedding. I was not asked to leave, but I had planned on leaving any way and so I gave her a ride back to her hotel. She invited me in and again laughed at me when it seemed like I was trying to run away. It was not really like she was chasing me, but she seemed a bit offended that I was not chasing her. It was hard to do it, but I got the car back in gear and drove off. Of course when I got to the road I sat there for a few minutes thinking about whether or not I would go back. Jenny called me later and I told her part of the story.