The Wedding Was Pretty Interesting

Of course I was not really eager to go to the wedding, since I did not have a date. Jenny was out of town to visit her mother, although to be honest she has been very difficult to get along with for months now. At any rate it became quite interesting, the bride’s ex husband showed up with a drop dead gorgeous brunette about half of his age. In fact I found out that she was actually a brunette escort from Las Vegas. The guy that brought her was drinking heavily all through and he ended up getting his butt kicked by some of the bride’s relatives. Continue reading “The Wedding Was Pretty Interesting”

Good Looking Nails for My Date

A couple of days ago, I went grocery shopping. My trip to the grocery store started out as an ordinary one. I was going through the aisles, getting the food that I would normally get, but then something happened that was out of the ordinary. I met a man who was also shopping. We were both in the produce section and reached for the same vegetable. Our hands touched and we both pulled back, offering the vegetable to each other. That moment would lead to me getting a manicure and pedicure later that day.

After making some small talk with the man in the store, he asked me out to dinner later that day, and I agreed. Continue reading “Good Looking Nails for My Date”

My Son is Getting Great Tutoring Lessons

Physics is such an important part of our lives. So many technological advances are around today simply because someone had an interest in physics. It is a part of everything that we do, and I have raised my kids so they understand the importance of including it in their education. When my youngest son told me that there was a new physics teacher, I held out hope that he would be as good as the one before him. It was not to be though. I did a search for physics tuition rather than let it bother me because I knew that this was just a small bump in the road.

Not every teacher is going to take the time and concern for his or her students like the former physics teacher. Some are just in it for the money, and they do not put a lot of emphasis on the actual student. Just because this teacher seemed to be that way did not mean that I was going to let my child suffer. Continue reading “My Son is Getting Great Tutoring Lessons”

A Bumpy Road for My Skin

Whenever my parents took me to my grandmother’s house, I would always notice that she had these funny looking bumps on her skin. They looked like little flesh balloons. I was tempted to touch one of them, but my parents told me that it would be rude to do that. I asked them what those bumps were called, and they told me that they were skin tags. I hoped that I would never get any, but as I got older, I got a few. I went to a clinic for aesthetic treatment in Singapore, because the skin tags were so weird to look at and I wanted them gone.

At the clinic, the doctors there told me that skin tags weren’t really anything to worry about, and that anyone can get them. They also said that removing them would be as easy as pointing a laser at them and pressing a button. Continue reading “A Bumpy Road for My Skin”