A Bumpy Road for My Skin

Whenever my parents took me to my grandmother’s house, I would always notice that she had these funny looking bumps on her skin. They looked like little flesh balloons. I was tempted to touch one of them, but my parents told me that it would be rude to do that. I asked them what those bumps were called, and they told me that they were skin tags. I hoped that I would never get any, but as I got older, I got a few. I went to a clinic for aesthetic treatment in Singapore, because the skin tags were so weird to look at and I wanted them gone.

At the clinic, the doctors there told me that skin tags weren’t really anything to worry about, and that anyone can get them. They also said that removing them would be as easy as pointing a laser at them and pressing a button. I wonder how people got rid of skin tags before lasers were invented. I guess most people didn’t bother, considering how many my grandmother had on her body. I agreed to have the laser treatment done and prepared for the skin tags to disappear.

A few button presses later, the skin tags had been taken down by the laser. I was hoping that this was the last I had seen of the skin tags, but given how many my grandmother had, I figured that they would come back later in greater numbers. It’s not that big of a deal, because I can always go back to the clinic and they’ll be able to remove the tags again using the laser. If the tags appear in an area where no one will really see, I might not do anything, but it would be best to get rid of them before I got too many.