2016 Chevy Sonic Release Date

Furthermore, 2016 Chevy Sonic Release Date gets rid of the AM/FM stereo with CD player, the Dragon Green Promotional Package and the Manual Equipment Group from the LTZ trim level of both the four-entryway car and five-entryway portal models. Balancing the cancellations are the 17-inch LPO-level wheels in Black and White.

2016 Chevy Sonic Concept, Redesign and Changes

The majority of the new components for the 2016 Chevrolet Sonic comprise of different LPO-level things including a stockpiling container liner for the instrument board, three sorts of 17-inch painted wheels in Black, Silver and White, and a wheel lock unit.

Ultimately, 2016 Chevy Sonic changes include:

  • Institutionalizing the MyLink radio on the LT trim level
  • Obliging Nightfall Gray Metallic outside shading on the Dusk Package
  • Renaming Advanced Safety Package to Driver Confidence Package
  • Changing the limit of the fuel tank to 10.8 gallons on LT and LTZ models outfitted with the manual transmission and turbo-charged 1.4L LUV I4 engine; by examination, Sonics with programmed transmissions will have the 12.2 gallon tank
  • Erasing the back floor tangles on the Sonic LT Sedan when its requested with the manual transmission and accessible turbo-charged 1.4L LUV I4 engine.

Check the full RPO-level changes just beneath:


  • 1SE (Manual) Equipment Group from LTZ Sedan and LTZ 5-Door
  • (GAR) Black Granite Metallic outside shading
  • (GLJ) Ashen Gray Metallic outside shading
  • (UH7) AM/FM stereo with CD player and MP3 playback
  • (PDG) Dragon Green Promotional Package
  • (SE1) 17″ painted Black wheels, LPO
  • (SE0) 17″ painted White wheels, LPO

New Features

  • (G7Q) Nightfall Gray Metallic outside shading.
  • (GB8) Mosaic Black Metallic outside shading.
  • (GD1) Kinetic Blue Metallic outside shading.
  • (SA0) Storage receptacle liner, instrument board, LPO.
  • (5BA) 17″ painted Black wheels, LPO.
  • (5BC) 17″ painted Silver wheels, LPO.
  • (5BD) 17″ painted White wheels, LPO.
  • (SFE) Wheel locks pack, LPO.


  • (UF7) Chevrolet MyLink radio is currently standard on LT models.
  • (WKC) Dusk Package now requires new (G7Q) Nightfall Gray Metallic outside shading.
  • (PCY) Advanced Safety Package name changed to Driver Confidence Package.
  • (UE1) OnStar Directions & Connections arrangement for 6 months, changes to Guide arrangement included for 6 months (trial bars Hands-Free Calling minutes).
  • LT and LTZ models with manual transmission and furnished with the (LUV) turbo 1.4L enginewill have a 10.8 gallon limit fuel tank.
  • Back floor mats will be erased on the LT Sedan with manual transmission (1JV69 1SC) when the accessible (LUV) turbo 1.4L engine is requested.

2016 Chevy Sonic Hatchback

2016 chevy sonic is accessible presently or car, the Chevrolet Sonic is entering the 2016 model year with little overhauls. Chevy’s subcompact nameplate is still a hot dealer in spite of its age, the motivation behind why an all-new era is slated to bring forth an all-electric model with a scope of around 200 miles (322 klicks).

A strong certainty with respect to the Sonic’s business volume comes in the appearance of the 93,518 units sold in the U. S. of A. a year ago. For the 2016 Chevrolet Sonic, the brilliant necktie chose to erase two outside hues (Ashen Gray Metallic, Black Granite Metallic). Regarding new tints, both the vehicle and hatchback Sonic models picked up Nightfall Gray Metallic, Mosaic, Black Metallic and Kinetic Blue Metallic.

Cancellations likewise incorporate the Manual Equipment Group from the Sonic LTZ model (vehicle and hatchback), two sorts of 17-inch wheel completes, Dragon Green Promotional pack and AM/FM stereo with CD/MP3 playback. In their place, the Chevrolet MyLink radio (with OnStar 4G LTE) comes at this very moment the 17-inch erased composite wheels completions are supplanted by three new outlines. The 2016 Sonic additionally profits by a wheel locks unit and an instrument board stockpiling canister liner.

Inquisitively enough, the Advanced Safety Package is presently called the Driver Confidence Package. In the event that purchasers select the Dusk Package, the 2016 Chevy Sonic Release date can be had in a solitary shade of dark – Nightfall Gray Metallic.

Contrasted with the 2015 model year, the 2016 Chevy Sonic LT vehicle with the manual and 1.4L turbo four-banger manages without the back floor mats. To wrap things up, LT and LTZ models with the stick shift and turbo-four engine change their fuel tanks from the previous 12.2-gallon (46.1 l) tank to 10.8 gallons (40.8 l).

2016 Chevy Sonic Interior

Standard and accessible components need to make strides. It isn’t that the Sonic is Spartan its simply that the opposition is putting forth more for your cash nowadays. With integration now being such an essential component in auto, it won’t be worthy not to offer a USB presently. Main concern? Hope to see more fancy odds and ends, with numerous advancing right now.

2016 Chevy Sonic Specs and Engine

In the engine of 2016 Chevy Sonic Release Date will locate the same engines yet we hope to have marginally lower fuel utilization. For the individuals who don’t know we are discussing turbocharged 1,4L inline-4 EcoTec and 1,8L inline-4 EcoTec engine. Aggregate yield is 140 stallions and 125 lb-ft of torque. The organization evaluates that these engines can fulfill the needs of city autos. In the event that you change engine cost would increment and this would quickly decrease the aggressiveness. Engines will be matched with manual and a programmed transmission, both with six pace. The drive stays on the front wheels. Fuel tank limit is 12,2 gal. Fuel utilization is 26 mpg in city drive and 35 mpg in parkway drive.

Notwithstanding an EV variation, search for an update of the gas motors. The base 1.8-liter motor has little or no redeeming qualities to it, so it likely will be supplanted with something impressively more cutting edge. Both the manual and programmed transmissions are six-velocity, which is decent in this class. They could be supplanted by all the more progressive variants with the same number of apparatuses; it would be to a great degree strong and possibly lavish to offer something more than that in a little auto.

Efficiency is one of the main motivations individuals purchase this kind of auto, however with the favored 1.4-liter turbo just returning something like 30-35 mpg, the Sonic could improve. Clearly an EV would be incredibly conservative contrasted with gas models, yet there ought to be critical changes in mileage from the customary motors also.

2016 Chevy Sonic Release Date and Price

The organizations are still not publicized with the accurate time of acknowledgment available. Insiders report that another release of the hatchbackcan be normal available in the seconds a large portion of 2015. It is much more inclined to be the last quarter of that year and given that the change won’t be vast, we ought to expect a comparative cost. This implies that the cost for the 2016 Chevy Sonic begin of $14,300 for the car model. Cost for the 2016 Chevy Sonic hatchback will begin from $15,000.